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Changing Starting from Here

Individual/Couple/Family Counselling 

We provide counselling and therapy to individuals, couples, and their families who have diverse life issues. These problems may include self-confidence, education, marriage, career, parenting, interpersonal or intergenerational relationships, or more emotional aspects of one’s life. We help clients identify their concerns and problems, develop strategies to cope with and address their issues, and we do so in a respectful, empathetic manner. Our ultimate goal is to help clients deal with life situations more effectively and grow towards a harmonious family life.

Mental Health Counselling

This program provides counselling and psychotherapy services to individuals and families who are challenged by emotional, psychological, psychosocial, addictions, mental health, and behavioural issues. The main program objective is to help them achieve psychological resilience through counselling, appropriate referrals and working together with our alliance partners.

Internship and Supervision 

We provide internship and supervision to student who needs to fulfill school or CRPO criteria.

Group Counselling 

We provide group therapy to individuals and family members through parenting groups and youth program.

Anger Management 

This program is based on a cognitive behavioral approach, which is a well-recognized evidence-based psychotherapeutic model, to guide client to reflect, learn and apply on topics including  Understanding Anger, Managing Anger, and Transforming Anger.

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